62% of children feel their parents are distracted by their smart phones. BRHYTHMIC students are super smart and realise that spending too much time in front of a screen can lead to depression, isolation and anxiety. BRHYTHMIC students choose to play a musical instrument instead of spending all their time in front of a phone, iPad or other screen.

So how do we get our parents to follow suit?

Well, this year, the BRHYTHMIC Santa found the perfect present for those screen addicted-parents, right kids?

Developed by Mum, Alex Drury, and her partner, a teacher from Scot’s College, Dave Oswell, the WeDo Game is a simple, yet effective family game that gets families ‘doing’ rather than ‘scrolling’.

Our lucky students received one of these in their 2017 stocking. Next time you look at a screen, think to yourself, have I spent the same amount of time practising?

And if you’re stuck for a pressie for school-age families, these guys may just be the ticket! The WeDo Game.