BRHYTHMIC Byron Bay Studio

It’s been a long time coming, but it is finally here, this month. BRHYTHMIC has commissioned guys down at HumpyCo to build the BRHYTHMIC Byron Bay Studio.

The BRHYTHMIC Studio will have a Yamaha Recording Series Drum Kit, Yamaha Electronic Kit, video and audio equipment, Yamaha monitors, two DAWs, Yamaha 88 key weighted piano, Rode vocal and pencil mics, a plethora of percussion instruments from bongos to vibraslaps, as well as a space to create, record and write.

The studio will be available to alumni BRHYTHMIC students and BRHYTHMIC Tutors. Each year, students and tutors will accrue free hours that may just come in handy when you leave school. Another awesome reason to be a BRHYTHMIC student.