But I don’t have time!!!

I hear this, a lot.

Wanna know my hot tips:


  1. Know your limits. You can’t do everything. You must prioritise. Break your activities into lists. Honestly evaluate how long you need for each activity and let something go if you have to. Giving up something else to achieve what you want is part of the deal if you want to achieve big things and have big goals. For me, last year, during school term it was going out with mates. This was strictly limited to two evenings per week (meaning any outing outside of the house that was social in anyway). Since living in Byron, every man and his dog comes to visit and wants to catch up. Sometimes, the answer is simply – no. Or yes, so long as it’s a Friday or Saturday night. Managing a company and team, completing full time study, teaching a large number of students per week as well as family commitments, simply can not be done if I say yes to everyone that wants to catch up. Especially when they are on holidays, with time on their hands. What are you going to say no to this year that will free up your time?
  2. Monitor your time. We all have the same amount of time each day. Stop making excuses. If you really want to know where all your time is going. Monitor it. How long do you sleep? How long are you at school? How long do you eat? How long do you sit and scroll through Instagram or Snapchat your mates. Put some healthy boundaries around the “time-suckers”. I try check Social Media twice a day and am looking to reduce my many email checks to once per day. Not only is it good for my sanity, you can go down the “Youtube wheel of death” if you’re not careful. Save that for a rainy day when you are all tucked up in bed, sick, with nothing better to do.
  3. The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method that was developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980’s. It is great when you have a set task you need to complete without interruptions. Google it. There is a great App called FOCUS KEEPER. Get the App. Implement.
  4. Gratitude – Thank people that save you time – you want to encourage them and keep them close. Without you probably realising, one or both of your parents are probably saving you a stack of time, like making you lunch or dropping you at school, or buying you some school supplies, or enrolling you into drum lessons. This means you don’t have to do it. This means more time to practice, hang out with mates, do homework, whatever floats your boat. If you didn’t have them doing this and you would loose so much time having to go the the shops, buy food, pack lunch, wake up earlier, walk to the station to get the bus or train to school, go to the shops to buy school supplies yourself. You would have waaaaaay less time. Time to go say thanks to your folks, I reckon!