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This is definitely worth taking a small amount of time out of your day to learn from this superstar.

If anything, we can all learn that:


  • getting to grade 8 is difficult and it takes work
  • learning drums is helpful and helps your life
  • the more we learn, the more we realize we don’t know
  • sometimes we can’t see our own progress but our parents and tutors can
  • music effects peoples views
  • Listening to music is key
  • interested students who have a genuine interest in getting better at playing succeed
  • the role of a music teacher becomes an influencer over time
  • playing drums can be like a walk on the beach or a beautiful rainforest
  • learning the marimba has unlocked how much there is to learn in music and the sheer scale of music itself
  • learning music taps into the subconscious
  • goals are more necessary when you know you have a lot of work
  • goals should be deciphered by students
  • you, as a student, know if your goals aren’t up to par.
  • we all go through times where we think “Is it worth it?”
  • listen to a wide variety of music
  • if you have at least two influencers, you won’t give up


Ladies and gentlemen, Will Greinke. Put your hands together and watch this space…


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