It’s hard to believe the story of Olli Hughes… once upon a time a shy, polite boy entered the drum studio. Olli would tend to shrug his shoulders as opposed to talk and he only just scraped through his first percussion exam (Grade 2) with a pass – one mark less and he wouldn’t have got it!

Fast forward to 2019 and we look at one of the most competent students BRHYTHMIC has ever seen. Not only has this guy received full marks in Grade 7 (we have never heard or seen of this before!), Olli was asked to play in front of the whole school for Year 12 Assembly. An honour only attributed to one student in the entire school each year.

Never before have I seen a flower bloom so quickly. The transmission in Olli’s skills, the speed he picked things up and his sheer dedication to his craft is mind blowing. I have never, ever seen someone learn so quickly and with such grace and competence.

Check out Olli’s interview below where he talks about his secrets to success:

B Passionate
B Committed
B Relaxed

Go get ’em Ol, the world is waiting for you and we are all behind you.

A special thank you to Olli’s music teacher Belinda Markham, from Knox Grammar School, who I know was equally impressed by Olli’s progress in the last few years. Belinda is one of the most dedicated HSC teachers I know, and Olli’s success would not have been possible without her dedication and support.