Well, I think we all agree this year has been a bit of a doozy.

After evacuating from the fires I thought nothing could stop us! (sigh). The creative industries were one of the first industries hit by the economic impact from COVID19, though I thouroughly believe we will be part of the solution in bringing joy, solace and some peace of mind to all families as we traverse this unknown challenge presented to us.

Below are the measures BRHYTHMIC are taking to help families both within and outside of our studio.


Firstly, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for continuing lessons with us through this time. We have been delievering online lessons for over five years and whilst most of our students learn face to face, we now transition to ALL students having online lessons. Here is how we are helping you:




To support BRHYTHMIC parents and students during the ‘school holidays’, Bron is offering a FREE 30 min Holiday Lesson with ALL current students. Book here. This is valued at $70.00

Students on the School Package will gain full access to ALL BRHYTHMIC Members Area content. This includes:
– THE BEGINNER BEATS PROGRAM (that’s $297 per term)
– Access to Library
– Access to Videos
– Access to Template Checklist Guides and More
– Access to Audio Resources

If you did not provide your child’s email address at the time of the enrolment (we prompt you for this, though some parents elect not to share their child’s email address), please do this now by clicking here so they can access all online resources.

You will recieve one free lesson from your tutor per term whilst lessons are held online.

We have increased your lesson time by 30%. Students on the BRHYTHMIC + Call Out Package, will now have 40 min online lessons and not 30 minute lessons at home.

Mum and Dad / sisters and brothers driving you nuts? You can reach out for a chat any time and I will make time to help you get through lock down and still be sane on the other side. Ps. That goes for any parents too needing support 😉


We are extending an invitation for all students who are a part of tutorials and rehersals we lead at schools, who are not current BRHYTHMIC students to be a part of our Group Lesson for Term 2. Contact your tutor for details. Video submissions are due 15 April 2020.

We are discounting our Starter Packs – we have reduced the price of Starter Packs. Just use the Coupon Code 20FOR2020. The perfect present for any new player. Includes free shipping.

BRHYTHMIC is offering 3 months of the BEGINNER BEATS PROGRAM (our flagship online course which is usually $297 subscription per term) for FREE.


Whilst I love to put on a brave face, we are not immune to the anxiety this epidemic brings in our hearts. We are a small business and like many are in for the ride. If you have the time to give back to us a little bit, this is how you can, and it will cost you nothing:

Listen and leave a review for us on The BRHYTHMIC Podcast.

Email us a testimonial. Or better still, send us an audio recording from the voice memos in your phone. Check out what our students and parents say about us here.

Leave us a Facebook Review, and share our posts!

Thank you.