Whether you have lessons at your school or at home with the BRHYTHMIC package, this package has been designed so that everything is included. Having lessons at home is the perfect option for busy parents who can do with one less ‘pick up and drop off’ per week.

The students who have full access to our Members’ Area are the students who develop the fastest, have more resources at their fingertips and enjoy the accountability outside the weekly 1:1 lesson. Let us do the nagging to practice for you. Parents who love the BRHYTHMIC Program value the benefit of a curriculum that carries students to extraordinary heights.

For one prepaid subscription, the BRHYTHMIC PACKAGE includes:

  • 9 x 1:1 30 min lessons*
  • 1 x group lesson or project*
  • Weekly email reminders for lessons
  • An online calendar to view your lessons with an online facility for you to reschedule if needed
  • Full access to the BRHYTHMIC MEMBERS’ AREA including access to:
    •  our compressive library worth $1000’s!!!
    • sheet music
    • templates, checklists, guides, cheat sheets, etc.
    • videos
    • audio resources
    • calendar


  • Access to all online programs – (valued at $297 per term)
  • FREE BRHYTHMIC Starter Pack – (valued at $97)
  • T-Shirt of Hoodie (valued at $49) on the completion of the Beginner Beats Program
  • BRHYTHMIC end of year present
  • FREE Annual Progress Books – (valued at $12.95)
  • FREE printable e-Progress Books – (valued at $29.95)

There is a reason this is our most popular package as it is jam-packed with value and students flourish when they have the resources available to them to do so.

*check T&Cs for time limits on prepaid lesson usage.


Just your FREE BRHYTHMIC Starter Pack that you will receive in the post after signing up and your drum kit. If you don’t have one, see our recommendations here: Electric or Acoustic?


  • Annual $59 enrolment fee (fully refundable*)
  • $509​ per term charged two weeks before the term starts.
  • If you would like us to come to your home, add a call out of $99.

Exceptional value!