Beginning drum & percussion tuition by BRHYTHMIC constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms and conditions.

The Beginner Beats Program is a non-refundable subscription renewed every three months. The Beginner Beats Program is included in the BRHYTHMIC Package for free.

The BRHYTHMIC Package is a non-refundable subscription renewed every term, two weeks prior to the term starting. To qualify for the free BRHYTHMIC Starter Pack, you are required to have held this subscription for a minimum of four terms consecutively. If you change subscriptions during this time or cancel your account, you are required to purchase or return the unused Starter Pack to BRHYTHMIC within 7 days. To qualify for the BRHYTHMIC Hoodie or t-shirt, you are required to have completed the online Beginner Beats Program. The BRHYTHMIC Package includes one FREE Progress Book per year. Bron does not deliver the BRHYTHMIC Package. See ADVANCED PACKAGE.

Call out fees are charged for any teaching which is not back-to-back in the one location for a minimum of 3 hours, or for lessons taught at your home.
Students that cancel their lesson without 24h notice will be charged the full lesson rate. Students who provide notice are subject to a makeup lesson. A maximum of one make-up lesson per term is allowed. See MAKE UP LESSONS. Instructions on how to cancel your lesson and receive a makeup credit can be found at Members FAQs.

To cancel your subscription follow the instructions found at Members FAQs. See CEASING TUITION.

Four weeks’ notice before term-end is required if ceasing tuition. Cessation of lessons can only occur at the end of the term and payment is required for the full term. Without notice, full payment for the following term is charged and the enrolment fee is forfeited.

All BRHYTHMIC tutors have been screened with the Working with Children Check under the Child Protection Act. All BRHYTHMIC tutors understand the duty of care for each and every student that they teach as well as the most up-to-date child protection processes and procedures. Tutors are responsible for students during their scheduled lesson time only.

BRHYTHMIC uses most forms of modern communication including email, text messages, phone calls etc. If a student or parent has provided an email address or phone number to a tutor then these will be used in communicating with students. If you prefer to communicate by text message or email, your communication is only accepted if it has been acknowledged and replied to, to ensure your communication has been received. BRHYTHMIC does not accept phone calls, text messages or emails in the case of lesson cancellations or changes (see CANCELLATIONS).

If a student or tutor is symptomatic, or has COVID, but healthy enough for a lesson, lessons will continue online via Zoom. If unwell, standard make-up lesson rules apply.

There is an annual enrolment fee of $59 which is fully refundable to new students in the case where we are unable to accommodate your enrolment request within two weeks. The enrolment fee contributes towards annual and ongoing administration and accounting fees. The enrolment fee is refunded to you when you cease tuition at BRHYTHMIC provided you give 4 weeks notice prior to the end of the term.
If you cancel your subscription for any reason, you will be required to pay the enrolment fee again if you choose to sign up again in the future. Enrolment fees are not refunded if your subscription has been on hold.

BRHYTHMIC offers Trinity examinations to be sat in term 3 or 4. These applications are lodged as a group. Fees are between $100-$300 depending on the grade. BRHYTHMIC charges a small admin fee to cover the cost of applying and administering examination requirements as well as paying a tutor to be present during your exam.

Tuition and Conducting rates are guided by the NSW Music Teachers Association. BRHYTHMIC is a proud member of the NSW Music Teachers Association. Fees may change annually and are subject to small changes without notice. You will be formally notified if fees change by more than $1 per lesson.

Every term BRHYTHMIC hosts a Group Lesson for all students to attend. Check the BRHYTHMIC Calendar for dates. These group lessons are for a between 30 mins to 1 hour. See Members FAQs if you are unable to make a group lesson. Group Lessons are cycled to accommodate as many schedules as possible. In term 1, the group lesson is held on a Monday; Term 2 on a Wednesday, Term 3 on a Monday and Term 4 on a Tuesday. Group lessons are held online and can reruns can be watched via the Members Area.

Holiday lessons can be organized upon request. Minimum lesson time is 1 hour. See our INTRODUCTORY LESSON and MENTOR LESSON.

BRHYTHMIC has Public Liability insurance.

Invoices are only issued to approved schools who hold an account with BRHYTHMIC. Payment terms are strictly 14 days and failure to pay will incur a late payment fee.

Late payment fees apply to invoices not paid within 28 days. Late payments fees are currently $40 per month. Continually late or lack of payment will be referred to our Debt Collection Agency and your information reported to a credit agency.

Make-up lessons will be arranged where possible and are the responsibility of the student or parent to arrange. One make-up lesson per term is applicable. Makeup lessons are valid for 10 weeks. If a student does not arrange for their make-up lesson within 10 weeks it will expire. All make-up lessons must be made up by the end of Term 4. Make-up lessons do not carry to the following school year. Make-up lessons will be conducted throughout the term depending on the availability of tutors and students. It is the students’ and/or parents’ responsibility to book in make-up lessons with their tutor. BRHYTHMIC will contact students to arrange make-up lessons for lessons that we have cancelled. BRHYTHMIC also offers a substitute tutor if your tutor is away. Head to Members FAQs for instructions.

No make-up lesson is offered for missed group lessons due to the student’s absence. If BRHYTHMIC cancels an entire group lesson then all students will be granted a make-up lesson and the Group Lesson will be changed to another date.

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee for all subscription packages, for first-time students. The money back guarantee does not apply to one-off purchases, such as Starter Packs, Mentor Lessons and/or Introductory Lessons. If, for some reason you do not think we are a good fit or this is not what you are expecting, simply email [email protected] within 7 days, and you and you’ll receive a full refund. Guaranteed. You must return all BRHYTHMIC products with Auspost Tracking, within two weeks to qualify for your refund, which is processed upon the return of all BRHYTHMIC products.

Students that do not turn up to their lesson without 24h notice will be charged the full lesson rate and are not made up at a later time.

All personal information collected by BRHYTHMIC remains private and confidential and will only be used by BRHYTHMIC tutors and your school representatives.

From time to time, BRHYTHMIC will record and photograph students’ performances and experiences relating to learning music. For example, photos and or videos are often taken at the annual BRHYTHMIC concert or during group lessons. Any audio, video or photography produced by BRHYTHMIC is the property and copyright of BRHYTHMIC. Audio, video and photographic material may be used for educational, learning and marketing purposes. BRHYTHMIC takes all care to produce tasteful, appropriate audio, video and photography to promote positive experiences for students that are applicable to music development and education. In any event where you object to the public or private distribution of audio, video or photographed material, please email [email protected] stating the student’s name, the name or nature of the recorded material and reason for the objection.

All fees are non-refundable. We do offer a 7-day money back guarantee for first-time students. See MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

The School Package is a non-refundable subscription renewed every term, two weeks prior to the term starting. If you choose the SCHOOL Package, you are bound by the terms and conditions and rules set out by your school, in so far that if they explicitly conflict or are different to the BRHYTHMIC Terms and Conditions. your school rules will apply, so long as your school or school committee has explicitly agreed with BRHYTHMIC as to what their T&Cs are prior to lessons starting. If your school cancels lessons, your lessons will contniue online or a make up issued at the tutors’ discretion.

The Senior Tutor Package is a non-refundable subscription renewed every term, two weeks prior to the term starting. The Senior Tutor Package is delivered to a small number of elite students. The Senior Tutor Package is suited to intermediate and advanced students, high school students, and HSC students. To qualify for the BRHYTHMIC Hoody or t-shirt, you are required to have held this subscription for a minimum of four terms consecutively.

BRHYTHMIC supports the use of Social Media and recognizes that it can assist in improving communication and learning opportunities both within and outside the BRHYTHMIC community. BRHYTHMIC has a Social Media Policy for its staff in the interests of protecting the students, parents and schools we serve as well as BRHYTHMIC staff. We understand that social media is constantly evolving and that new social media platforms are being introduced regularly. For the purposes of our policy, ‘social media’ is defined as accessible online communities that enable users to create and share content, information, comments, links, and ideas with other users. This can be done through a website or an application. The Department of Education’s Social Media Policy changes frequently, though please find the latest version at the time of publishing this page here. BRHYTHMIC supports participation in social media online applications such as social networking sites, wikis, blogs, microblogs, video and audio sharing sites, and message boards that allow people to easily publish, share and discuss content. Using Social Media in the right way can aid in communication and education. As such we have both public and Members-only social media accounts. We do not hold student-only Social Media Accounts. All parents are invited to join BRHYTHMIC’s Members-only pages. Our Member’s only Facebook Page has been set up specifically for BRHYTHMIC students and their parents and schools. Whilst these pages are closed and private and monitored daily, BRHYTHMIC cannot control and is not liable for any posts that have been copied or recreated. BRHYTHMIC closely monitors these accounts to ensure they are used for the purpose of sharing content, information, comments, links, and ideas with BRHYTHMIC students, parents and schools.

BRHYTHMIC sells starter packs for new students who do not purchase a subscription package that includes a free starter pack. You can order your starter pack here.

Whilst all care is taken, BRHYTHMIC provides supervision for the student only during their allocated lesson time. A parent or guardian must take responsibility outside of the agreed lesson time.

BRHYTHMIC operates during the NSW public school terms. See our Calendar for dates. Lessons are not held during school holidays (unless by special request – you can order an INTRODUCTORY LESSON and MENTOR LESSON or on public holidays or pupil free days. Most schools have student free days on the first Monday of terms 1, 2 & 3. If your lesson falls on a public holiday or pupil free day, you will be issued a make-up lesson or lessons will be held on another day during that week. If you have camps or exams, it is your responsibility to cancel your lesson for a make-up lesson giving more than 24 hours notice: See CANCELLATIONS.

We appreciate your acceptance and understanding of the above terms and conditions.