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Director, Senior Drum & Percussion Tutor

… is a rhythmical mastermind, adventurer, risk taker, loves new places and people. More information here.


Drum & Percussion Tutor

… Engineering student, nerd, 3D printing enthusiast and grade 6 drummer with almost 9 years experience of playing and performing drums in state jazz competitions, musicals, rock bands and school bands.


Drum & Percussion Tutor

… also works with kids at a local childcare. An awesome Basketball player, has his First aid/Basic emergency life support/Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Certificate, and is in two rock bands and has released music on Spotify
Leo Jakovics


Drum & Percussion Tutor

Cherie Mendoza


Administrative Assistant

… loves to sing, cat lover, food trips, loves to travel with the family.


Technology Advisor

… also climbs rocks and cliffs for fun, multi-lingual, builds things like motorbikes.


Graphic Designer

… also has a passion for drumming and a slight addiction to expensive equipment.