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Bron Harrison the founder and director of BRHYTHMIC Pty. Ltd.

With over 20 years of teaching experience, Bron has taught thousands of students including one-on-one lessons, group lessons, percussion ensembles, large ensemble tutorials, music workshops, music camps and conducting, including teaching the first-ever student in Australia to achieve AMus for Percussion.

Bron is responsible for leading and mentoring a number of drum and percussion tutors in my team, providing guidance and leadership to ensure excellence in music tuition. At BRHYTHMIC Bron have developed a number of valuable resources for our students, including access to MP3 recordings, sheet music, online calendars, reminders for rehearsals and performances as well as a repertoire management system. Over years of development, we have developed our flagship program, the Beginner Beats Program, which moves the basic principles of drumming. For more advanced students we then move towards the Moving Musos Program and The Percussionist.

It is regular for Bron’s students to top their HSC in music (performance). This has happened on a number of occasions at Knox Grammar School, St Ives High School and Northern Beaches Christian School. In 2017 one of Bron’s students was nominated for Encore.

As a child, Bron toured with the Knox Abbotsleigh Youth Orchestra in Europe and America at the age of 14. Whilst at school, the Knox drum and percussion tutor, Ron Lemke taught her. She completed Grade 8 Orchestral Percussion with Trinity College London, with Distinction. In 1999, she topped my HSC in music 3-unit performance (the first instance of a percussionist topping HSC music) and was instructed directly by the Chair of Percussion and the Conservatorium of Music, Daryl Pratt, in four-mallet marimba.

From 1998 until 2020, she has tutored students from beginner level right through to Grade 8, HSC level, and AMus level.

In 2016 ‘Harrison the Artist’ released a 15-track album (www.harrisontheartist.com). Bron wrote the songs and played drums and percussion throughout the entire album, sang and played piano. In this process, she had the privilege of working with some incredible musicians and music producers both here and in Europe.

More recently Bron was awarded a second scholarship at the highly progressive and state-of-the-art SAE (Sound & Audio Engineering) Creative and Media Institute, Byron Bay, completing a Masters in Creative Industries. This has meant moving to the Byron Bay Hinterland and flying to and from Sydney to continue commitments teaching students whilst comlpeting the scholarship.

In 2017, Bron recorded at Sony’s headquarters in Tokyo and continues to record at international recording studios.

“We show people how to play music because people who have music in their world have better, more fulfilling and happy lives”
Bron Harrison, BRHYTHMIC Founder