How do I cancel a lesson?

To cancel your lesson, log into the BRHYTHMIC Members Area, go to the calendar and cancel your lesson. Students that cancel their lesson without 24h notice will be charged the full lesson rate. Students that provide notice are subject to a make up lesson. See MAKE UP LESSONS.

When do callout fees apply?

Call out fees are charged for any teaching which is not back-to back in the one location for under 3 hours. Call out fees are applicable to any conducting or group lesson for 1.25 hour or less with a minimum hour call out.

What if I want to cease tuition?

Four weeks’ notice before term-end is required if ceasing tuition. Cessation of lessons can only occur at the end of the term and payment is required for the full term. Please fill out Ceasing Tuition Form with required notice to avoid being charged for the following term. We have a waiting list with people to fill your spot, so we must ensure notice is given or full payment for the term is required. Thanks for your understanding in this regard.

When is the Drum/Percussion Concert and is it Compulsory to attend?

The drum and percussion concert is held annually in September and provides students with a performance opportunity. It is not compulsory, though we highly recommended to improve performance ability. The amount of one $30 is charged on your term 3 invoice irrespective if you are able to attend or not. If you are unable to attend and do not want this charge applied to your account, you must log in to the BRH prior to the event and cancel your attendance. We welcome you to bring friends and family to watch.

Can I hire instruments?

Drum kit and Glockenspiel hire is available for $90.00 per calendar month. Monthly hire is applicable for any part of the month e.g. 2.5 months = 3 months of hire. A $90.00 deposit is required on first invoice and will be repaid or credited to hirer once instrument is returned in a fair and similar condition to when it was first hired. Delivery and pick up of instruments is free if delivered during a student’s normal lesson time, otherwise charged at $30 drop off or pick up. There is a “you break it, you pay for it” policy with instrument hire. Therefore any repairs required as a result of damage to instruments under hire will be charged to the hirer. Loss or theft is the responsibility of the hirer.

How much is the enrolment fee?

There is a one off enrolment fee of $59 which is fully refundable in the case where we are unable to accommodate your enrolment request. All students will receive a free Starter Pack upon enrolment.

How much are lessons?

See Pricing. Tuition and Conducting rates are guided by the NSW Music Teachers Association.

Can I have a holiday or weekend lesson?

Holiday lessons can be organised upon request, minimum lesson time is 1 hour.

How does invoicing work?

Prepaid 10 pack invoices are emailed two weeks prior to the start of term and are due within 14 days. See our Calendar for how many weeks in each term. Payment terms are strictly 14 days and failure to pay will incur a late payment fee. Failure to pay within 21 days means your spot will be allocated to another student. Invoices for instrument hire are issued at the beginning of the hire period and are C.O.D.

How many make up lessons can I have per term?

Make up lessons will be arranged where possible. One make up lesson per term is applicable. Make up lessons are ‘made up’ in the current or next term only. If a student does not arrange for their make up lesson within the term it will become void. All make up lessons must be made up by the end of Term 4. Make up lessons do not carry to the following school year. If the student is still owed a make up lesson at the end of the school year due to a cancellation by bRhythmic, the credit for this lesson will be carried to their Term 1 invoice. No credits will be given on unredeemed make up lessons when the student has cancelled the lesson. Make up lessons will be conducted throughout the term depending on the availability of tutors and students. It is the student’s responsibility to book in make up lessons with their tutor. bRhythmic will contact students to arrange make up lessons for lessons that we have cancelled by us.

What if I forget my lesson or I don’t show up?

Students that do not turn up to their lesson without 24h notice will be charged the full lesson rate.

Can I get a refund for lessons?

All fees are non refundable.

What is in a starter pack?

Every new student that enrols with bRhythmic will receive a free starter pack. This includes, a set of sticks ($22.95), a practice pad ($24.95) , a homework book ($10.95) , ear protection ($5.95), a folder ($2.95), a bRhythmic bag ($10.95) + Delivery ($12.00). If you already have components of the Starter pack, keep the components as spares or take them to school, grandparents houses etc. as a spare set.

What school term dates does bRhythmic tutor?

bRhythmic operates as per the NSW public school terms. See the bRhythmic Calendar. Lessons are not held in school holidays (unless by special request, see: HOLIDAY LESSONS in T&Cs) or on public holidays or pupil free days. Most schools have student free days on the first Monday of terms 1, 2 & 3.

Can I pause my account if we are away one term?

Yes, you can pause your account if you are away for a term or two so long as you provide 4 weeks notice prior to term-end.

Can I have a BRHYTHMIC Package at school?

So long as it is ok with your school, you can absolutely have a BRHYTHMIC Package and choose to have your lessons at school. You are required to get permission from your school.

If you choose the SCHOOL Package, you are bound by the terms and conditions and rules set out by your school, in so far that if they explicitly conflict or are different to the BRHYTHMIC Terms and Conditions. your school rules will apply. Different schools have different terms and conditions: including lesson rates, payment terms, notice required to cease lessons, make up lessons, notice for lessons, rules around if you are unable to attend your lessons and tutor fees paid to the school etc. BRHYTHMIC has agreements with schools and in the case where the schools’ terms and conditions are incomplete or not stated, the BRHYTHMIC terms and conditions apply.

If you choose a BRHYTHMIC Package, you are bound by BRHYTHMIC’s terms and conditions.

Can I have the schools package at home?

No. The school’s package is only for lessons conducted at school and is subject to your school’s availability. If you would like lessons outside of school or your school’s schedule does not work in with your schedule, check out our BRHYTHMIC Packages.