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Director, Senior Drum & Percussion Tutor

… is a rhythmical mastermind, adventurer, risk taker, loves new places and people. More information here.


Drum & Percussion Tutor

… also psychologist in the making, rockband extraordinaire who has released a song on iTunes.


Drum & Percussion Tutor

… also speaks fluent German, sometimes accident prone, excellent videographer and excellent with people.


Drum & Percussion Tutor

… is a proud member of the North Shore Wind Symphony Orchestra. He is also studying a degree in chemical engineering. Loves to cook and take naps that too often lead to procrastination.


Drum & Percussion Tutor

… also has first aid and fire training, and certification across a number of management systems. Has travelled to Itlay, Amsterdam, France and Monaco to name a few places. Produces music and when he has time between studying media and jounalism, loves to work on the car.


Drum & Percussion Tutor

…loves to throw a footy around. The only person to receive full marks in all 3 pieces of his trinity exam. Loves a good road trip with his mates.


Drum & Percussion Tutor

…has completed her certificate III in childcare and is working towards her diploma. Loves living on the beautiful Northern Beaches.


Technology Advisor

… also climbs rocks and cliffs for fun, multi-lingual, builds things like motorbikes.


Marketing Coordinator

… a beach going, football playing, sushi eating creative.


Graphic Designer

… also has a passion for drumming and a slight addiction to expensive equipment.



… loves surfing and skating and running her start-up Bean Ninjas.


Personal Administrative Assistant

… nature loving sporty mum of two enjoys fishing, bikes and astrology.